Nursery Teacher Training:-

Nursery Teachers' Training course also known as NTT is a diploma course for teachers who want to teach and cater to the students at nursery level or pre-primary level. This teacher workforce has to undergo the training of the general TT course where the teacher joins the workforce of several other pre-school teachers. The NTT course helps the students who aim to be pre-school teachers in order to facilitate young minds of nursery children. The course provides various methodologies to the teachers who undergo this TT course, which is required in teaching the young students that will be essential in the physical, cognitive and social development. There are also several methodologies, which are taught to the teachers to better understand their job roles and enact them in real life.

Some of the important subjects taught are instructional strategies, child psychology, classroom management and cognitive development.There are certain standards in NTT course like that of national and international standards which are highlighted in the course fees of various institutes The teachers are enlightened with all subjects and communication at nursery level which are better understood by young minds. Teachers need the best training methodologies, as it is important to ensure that the basics of the student, who has just stepped into the world of formal education, are clear. The teachers are seen to be role models in molding morals, habits and character into these young minds and therefore require utmost communication skills in order to be an accomplished Nursery teacher.

  S.NO   Theory Structure   Marks
 1.  (a) Child Psychology  100
   (b) Child Care & Health  100
 2.  Sociology & Guidance  100
 3.  School Organization  100
 4.  Principle of Education  100
 5.  Education Psychology  100
 6.  Special Methods of Teaching  100
 7.  Method of Teaching Topics  100

  S.NO   Theory Structure   Marks
 1.  Lesson Plan & Teaching  100
 2.  Art & Craft  100
 3.  Art File & Other File  100
 4.  Preparation of Teaching Aids e.g. Action Song, Speech, Story  100
 5.  Viva & Internal Assessment  100